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Protect Taxpayers and Small Business NO on AB 2570
AB 2570.jpg

The California Senate is currently considering Assembly Bill 2570, which would invite private attorneys into the tax enforcement arena, allowing them to sue any business on behalf of the government similar to ADA lawsuits.

Join CAHT in asking your State Senator to protect taxpayers and small businesses and put a stop to AB 2570.

  • AB 2570 would lead to considerable costs for taxpayers and small businesses to fight unsolicited lawsuits from predatory private attorneys.

  • Major business and taxpayer organizations like the California Chamber of Commerce, the Civil Justice Association of California and CalTax oppose AB 2570. It’s bad for business and it’s bad for taxpayers. .


  • AB 2570 opens up the floodgates for costly and unnecessary lawsuits at a time when small business owners are struggling to survive.

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