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CAHT Opposes the Flawed
SB 793
NO on SB 793.jpg

The California Assembly is currently considering Senate Bill 793, which would outlaw traditional tobacco products for adults that have been legal for decades.

CAHT stands opposed to this flawed bill, which would create major fiscal and economic consequences for California:

  • SB 793 will make California’s financial situation even worse by costing revenue and jobs. 

  • The Tax Foundation estimates the state will lose more than $1.8 billion in revenue over the next four years.


  • SB 793 will hurt local small businesses and neighborhood retailers –impacting their bottom line and their ability to keep their employees working while many are struggling to stay afloat by outlawing traditional adult products like menthol that have been legal for decades.


  • SB 793’s revenue losses will lead to cuts in essential services like Medi-Cal health coverage for the needy, early educational funding, and other critical programs.

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